Tour Guides

Tour Guides:

Becoming a Tour Guide:

To become a Tour Guide, your penguin must be 45 days old or older. If you go to the Ski Village (accessible on your map or spyphone), you will see a stand that has a sign that says Tours. Click on it, and click, ‘Would you like to become a tour guide yourself? Click here for details!’

Then, after reading the info, you must take a test. Some of the questions you may not know, so right them down and do some research. Here’s a hint: All of the answers can be found around Club Penguin! If you pass the test, you will earn a Tour Guide Hat. When you want to give a tour, put on your Tour Guide Hat (No other body items), and wave. You will be holding a sign that says, Tours Here. Then, when penguins come around to you, you can give them a tour by going into Messages on your CP toolbar. Then, simply hover over Activities and click Give a Tour. Your penguin will then talk about the room you are in. Don’t use your map while giving a tour, your penguins won’t know where you go. Also, When you click on the Tours stand  after you pass the test, you will see a book entitled, How to Be a Great Tour Guide. There are lots of handy hints in there! Check there for extra tips!

Test Answers:

Please note that the questions change each time, and that these are only some of the answers. However, these are the most common ones.


You will then receive a postcard.

Giving a Tour:

First, take off all of your other clothes except for your Tour Guide Hat. Then wave so that you’re holding a sign that says, ‘Tours Here’, and penguins will crowd around you or say, “I want a tour!” When you have a good group of penguins, go around from room to room. When you enter a new room, click on the preset messages button on yourCP toolbar. Then hover over Activities, then click Give a Tour. You will give a description of the room, and a little info about it. Note: Try not to use your map or Spy Phone, because then your tour group will get lost.

Getting Paid:

The first day of each month, a penguin will receive Penguin Mail postcards from Club Penguin. They will say that you have gotten paid. 250 coins will be added to your inventory for being a Tour Guide.


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