CP Minigames

Please enjoy some mini games from CP missions and other places!

Penguin Rescue:

Penguin Snowball Fight:

Crash Your Sled:

Fuse Box:

Puffle Roundup:

Dance Contest:


Bean Counters:

System Defender:

*Snow Cone, the last game is from the CP Beta Site. Link not working? go to the community blog, and search for a link that says the word “Team” it should be at the bottom of the post.

**These games are not owned by us, and we did not create them,we just post them here for your enjoyment.**


17 comments on “CP Minigames

  1. 1.post this on 3 different pages on here
    2.press f12 8 times
    3.log onto club penguin
    4.go to the bottom of the servers and press enter 5 times
    5.press f5 2 times
    6.you will now acheive 9,999,999,999,999 coins,50 puffles for free,5 rainbow puffles(55 total and free membership forever
    it works seriously

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