The EPF:

Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready.


Before the EPF, there was the PSA. PSA stood for Penguin Secret Agency. You entered the PSA HQ by walking through a changing room in the Sports Shop (now the Everyday Phoning Facility). It was just another secret agency, although it was much less professional and had a MUCH lamer Spy Phone, here it is:

Then came the first Club Penguin DS game, called Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. When you entered a code from the DS game box or uploaded coins from your DS game, you could become an EPF agent. Back then the EPF was totally exclusive for penguins with the DS game. There was no Elite Spy Phone, and you entered the (then very unprofessional) Command Room through a cabinet in the PSA HQ.


Old EPF Command Room:

However, everything changed with the release of Mission 11: The Veggie Villain. Herbert took over the PSA’s computers and obtained all of the information on them. Then he blew up the PSA HQ and Sports Shop with popcorn, and both rooms were damaged beyond repair and closed. At the end of Mission 11, G said that the PSA was out of commission, and that all their files were transferred to the EPF. A week or two later, the Everyday Phoning Facility was opened, and the EPF became less exclusive, and available to pretty much everyone.

EPF Fun Facts:

EPF stands for Elite Penguin Force.

VR (as in, VR Room) stands for Virtual Reality.

There were three versions of past PSA HQs. One was from 2005, another from 2007, and one is the ruined version from 2007 (2010). You can access these from the VR Room in the EPF Command Room.

You can replay old PSA Missions in the VR Room.

The first Field-Op was released on June 15, 2010.

Becoming an EPF Agent:

To become an EPF agent, go to the Book Room above the Coffee Shop and open the 2009-2010 Yearbook. Turn to the June 2010 page. Now click the letters, EPF in Everyday Phoning Facility. Then click on the agent’s Elite Spy Phone. You will see a message from the EPF, and the rest is up to you.

Click on the things outlined in red.

Also, if you know an EPF Agent, ask them to send you the special EPF postcard. If they send it, the rest is up to you.

WARNING: The following info is top secret.


Every week or so, you will be alerted of a new Field-Op mini mission through your spy phone. Teleport to the EPF HQ and go to the yellow screen for details on your mission.

Mission Guides:

These are our mission guides. They include full walkthroughs of all missions. They can be accessed in the VR Room through the machine that says, “PSA Missions.”

Mission 1-Case of the Missing Puffles:

Talk to Aunt Arctic.

Go to the Ice Rink, and pick up the pictures of Aunt Arctic’s green puffle.

Go to Aunt Arctic’s igloo and give her the pictures you found.

Go to the Pet Shop. Look for a secret message on a puffle house and decode it. (It is in Secret Agent Code.)

Go to the Sport Shop and answer G’s question. (The answer is in the encoded message.)

Pick up the Life Preserver Shooter and Grappling Hook and put them in your inventory.

Go to the Iceberg and throw life preservers at the stranded penguins with the Shooter.

Go to Ski Hill. Take the wrench out of your Spy Phone and fix the penguin’s telescope with it.

Look through the telescope. Position it so you can see a green puffle flying around the Tallest Mountain.

Go to the Tallest Mountain and use the Grappling Hook to climb up the mountain.

Talk to the puffles and return them to Aunt Arctic.

Receive your Medal and Gift!

Mission 2-G’s Secret Mission:

Talk to Gary, and answer his riddle with the word, ‘mogul’.

G will show you a sled. Put it in your inventory and go to Ski Hill. Take the sled to the ‘Test Run’.

Drive the sled. (Don’t worry if you crash, you’re supposed to!) After you crash, pick up the rope, Survival Guide, and take the left trail.

Pick up the ski. Then go straight past the puffles. Pick 3 ‘O’ Berries and put them in your inventory. Then shake the nearby tree with a pan in it. When the pan falls, pick it up.

Go straight and scare away the puffles. Then feed the black puffle and ‘O’ Berry. It will follow you. Take the trail left and enter the Cave.

Click on one of the rocks. Thew will make a fire pit. Go left and pick up the log. Go left again and enter the Cave.

Put the wood and Survival Guide in the pit. Go outside and go left. Put the string and ski together, and put an ‘O’ Berry on it. Catch a fish. Then use the pan to take some water out of the stream.

Go back into the Cave and make the black puffle stand in front of it. Feed him an ‘O’ Berry. A fire will blaze in the pit after he flares up.

Put the fish in the fire, wait a few seconds, then eat it. Do the same with the water. You will fall asleep, but are woken up by the sound of something outside. Go outside. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy and G.

Receive your Medal and Gift!

Mission 3-Case of the Missing Coins:

Talk to Rookie. Make him close the vault door. Ask him to open it. He will forget the code!

Go upstairs. Look under the couch and pick up the paper clip and computer boot disc. Put the boot disc into the computer, and press the power button.

The computer will turn on. Click My Files then Combination Number. Remember the code. Go downstairs and enter the code into the vault door.
The door will swing open. Go inside and show Rookie that the coins are on the ceiling. G will call you on your Spy Phone. Go to HQ.
Talk to G and watch the surveillance video. Talk to G again. He will tell you to check the roof and give you a bunch of keys. Choose the brownish one on the left.
Go to the second floor of the Gift Shop, unlock the door, and check the roof. There will be a giant magnet. Pick up the tuft of fur in the drain.
Use your Spy Phone’s wrench to unscrew the ‘Powa Box’s’ latch. Then throw the paper clip into the box. It will spark up and break.
Go downstairs and into the vault. Click on the coins and Rookie will come out. Talk to him.

Go to the HQ and pick up the flashlight on the counter. Go to the Town. Talk to the penguin. Go into the Night Club.
It will be dark. Turn on your flashlight or NV goggles. Go into the Boiler Room. Turn until you see a door in the wall. Click on it and make all of the lights green by clicking on them. (This is not the easiest part of the mission.)
11. When you get the power back on, go to the HQ. Talk to G and give him the tuft of fur.
12. Receive your Medal and Gift!

Mission 4-Avalanche Rescue:

Talk to G. He will unlock the Gadget Room for you. Talk again and Go in. On the top shelf in a corner, will be the Life Preserver Shooter. Put it in your inventory.

Go to the Sport Shop and take the belt of the plastic penguin in the corner. Go outside. Talk to the sad penguin. Fix the ski lift with the belt.
Pick up the white fur and put it in your inventory. Go into the Ski Lodge and pick up the fishing rod near the Gone Fishing door. Attach it to the Life Preserver Shooter.
Go into the Lighthouse and pick up the rope on the boat. Attach it to the Life Preserver Shooter/Fishing rod. Go up to the Beacon. Unscrew the telescope with your Spy Phone’s wrench. Go to the Sport Shop and go into G’s Room. Place the telescope on his tripod and look through. Remember the path, so you can safely navigate the trails. Go to Ski Hill.
Take the path down the mountain. Try to get across, or detect a pattern. Once at the crash scene, take out your gadget and click on the big gap in the wooden fence.
Break the hanging twigs. Then pick up the penguin on the bent tree. Pick up the penguin on the second snow ledge now, and drop off the other penguin at it’s tree perch.
Pick up the other penguin on a snow ledge, followed by the other one on the tree. Drop them all off next to a the rock. They will push it, it will fall down, and make the bottom penguin bounce.
Pick up all of the penguins and go back to Ski Hill.
Talk to G and give him the white fur.

Receive your medal, letter, and gift!

Mission 5-Secret of the Fur:

Talk to G. Click on the Furensic Analyzer 3,000.

Take your Spy Comb out of you Spy Phone and comb the pink hair. It will scan the hair.

Talk to G and put the white fur into the Furensic Analyzer 3,000. Wait for it to finish scanning.

Talk to G. Go to the Pizza Parlor. Talk to the penguin. Put the Hot Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, and pizza in your inventory.

Go to the Ski Lodge and out the Gone Fishing door. Give the fishing penguin the pizza.

Go to the Coffee Shop. Talk to the penguin behind the counter. Click on the coffee machine.

Use your Spy Wrench to fix the detached pipe. Set the knob on the side of the machine to Hot.

Put the coffee mug under the Hot Chocolate label. Pour the Chocolate Sauce into the funnel and press the red button. Put the Hot Chocolate into your inventory.

Talk to the penguin behind the counter. Go to HQ and into the Gadget Room. Pick up the AC 1,000.

Go inside the Lighthouse talk to the penguins, pick up a net, and pick up some rope. Go up to the Beacon. Use the AC 1,000 to blow the Jet Pack Fuel over to you. Cut the string with your Spy Scissors and put in into your inventory.

Go to HQ. Put all of your needed items into the goggle holder’s funnel and take the goggles. Put them on and go to the Ski Lodge.

Take the candle out of its holder. Talk to the penguin hiding in the couch. Go through the Gone Fishing door.

Combine the rope and net to make a trap. Set the trap up by tying it to a tree. Then put the candle in it.

A crab will take the candle and get caught in the trap. The creature hiding behind the Lodge will run and leave some fur. Pick up the fur and the crab.

Go back to HQ and talk to G. Give him the crab and put the tuft of fur into the Furensic Analyzer 3,000. It will scan the fur and say it’s a polar bear. Talk to G.

Receive your medal and gift!

Mission 6-Questions For a Crab:

Talk to G. The machine will explode and the crab will get away.

Follow the crab out into the Sport Shop. If you keep following him, you will eventually tumble down Ski Hill.

Take the last trail on the right. Use your Spy Scissors to cut the rope and get the bag of O Berries.

Take the first trail on your right. Feed the black puffle an O Berry. He will start following you.

Take the last path on the right. The crab will walk through a small door into a cave. Throw an O Berry through the door and the puffle will open it. Go into the cave.

You will be trapped by a cage, but don’t worry. Talk to the evil polar bear, Herbert.

Move to where you can see the Cage Lift. Put an O Berry over the brownish lever. The puffle will push it. Put another berry on the side of the water trough pointing up. The puffle will change the flow of the water.

Put one more berry on the white platform and you will be free! Find G’s Electromagnet blueprints, some hot sauce, rope, and a grappling hook.

Use the rope and hook to make a grappling hook shooter. Also combine the Hot Sauce with an O Berry. Try to leave. You will be trapped!

Feed the puffle the spicy O Berry. After flying around, it will make clear the snow. Now leave the cave.

Go back to where you fell down the hill, but go closer to the mountain. Use your grappling hook to climb up.

Go into the Ski Lodge and out the Gone Fishing door. Listen to Herbert talk.

Go to the Pizza Parlor and order a Vegetarian Seaweed Pizza. Give the pizza to Herbert. While he is eating, change the position of the red lever.

Herbert and Klutzy will crack the ice of a frozen lake and fall in. G will arrive. Talk to him and listen to his Spy Phone. Give him the Electromagnet plans when you have a chance.

Receive your medal and gift!

Mission 7-Clockwork Repairs:

Talk to G and look at the monitor he points to. Go to the Gadget Room door, but don’t go in. Click on the middle cabinet on the locked shelves on your left.

Use your Secret Agent Code to punch in KEY to the lock. It will unlock. Take the magnet. Go to the Ice Berg. Find the frozen spring and use the magnet to retrieve it. Put it in your inventory. Go into the Gadget Room and pick up the Life Preserver from the brown shelf.

Go to the Beach and pick up the green pail. Go to the Snow Forts and get some snow into the pail.

Go to the Town and talk to Rookie. Take a poster from him. Go to the Pizza Parlor and take the sheet music off the floor next to the piano.

Go to the Stage. Click on the piano and take out the sheet music. Play the music according to color. The yellow puffle will come out of hiding. Walk away from the piano, the yellow puffle will follow.

Give the puffle the gear poster and pail. It will make a snow gear. Put it in your inventory.

Go to the Dock and talk to the penguins. Accept their challenge and hit the target three times. Give the penguins the Life Preserver to replace the target.

Go into the Gadget Room and put the spring into the Test Chamber. Use the fire button. Take the spring out and put the snow gear in. Use the snowflake button. Take the gear out and put it in you inventory.

Go to the Snow Forts and click on the Clock Tower. Put the target, gear, and spring in the right place. You fixed the Clock Tower! Talk to Rory; the construction worker, G, and Herbert.

Receive your medal and gift!

Mission 8-Mysterious Tremors:

Talk to G. There will be small tremors. Pick up the propeller hat behind G. Also pick up the hammer on the wall.

Go to the Dock. Talk to Herbert. Klutzy will cut a map in half accidentally and lose it. A: Go to the Town. B: Pick up the lantern and go to the Town.

Go into the Coffee Shop and help the penguin pick up the cookies. Take a cookie from him.

Give the green puffle outside the propeller hat and a cookie. It will fly up and knock down a piece of the map. Put it in your inventory.

Go to the Snow Forts. Click on the second piece of the map. Follow it into the Town. Talk to the penguin with a newspaper.

Go into the Pizza Parlor and order a pizza for the penguin. Walk outside and give it to him. He will give you the newspaper and the map piece. Put the two map pieces together.

Go to the Lighthouse and get a net and some cream soda. Go to the Sport Shop and take the pegs from the tend display.

Go to the Dock. Use the map to guide yourself through the tunnels.

Shake up your Cream Soda and put it under the Gift Shop. Then put then net under it, put the pegs under the net, and use the hammer to keep them in place.

Walk under the Gift Shop and use your Spy Wrench to take the Clock Tower gear from out of Herbert’s drill. Put it in your inventory.

Go into the Boiler Room. Talk to Herbert. He will break the boiler and run away. Talk to G on your Spy Phone.

Keep switching different pipe pieces around to connect the two pipe parts to fix the boiler. This will be different every time.

After you fix the boiler, talk to G on your Spy Phone. Then go to HQ.

Talk to G and give him the Clock Tower gear.

Receive your medal and gift!

Mission 9-Operation Spy & Seek:

Talk to G and take the three transmitters and the deflated duck. Take the kite blueprints off the wall.

Go to the Ski Lodge and talk to the penguins. Search everywhere for the Find Four pieces (upstairs and downstairs) and while upstairs, pick up the piece of string on the ground.

Give the penguins the Find Four pieces after you find them.

Go to the Forest and pick up the twig on the ground. Now combine the twig, blueprints, and string to create a kite. Put a transmitter on it, go to Ski Hill, and tie the kite to the poll.

Go to the Plaza and talk to the penguins. The blue puffle will blow a bubble and it will pop. Help get the gum off the penguins and take it. Put it in the hole on the rubber duck.

Go to the Dock and talk to the Hydro Hopper penguin. Get his boat started by pulling on the black engine starter hard. Borrow his pump and use it to pump up the rubber duck.

Put a transmitter on the back of the duck and set it out to sea at the Ice Berg.

Go to the Mine. Talk to Rory. Help fix the trough by re-positioning the wooden slabs to make the metal beam lay the other way.

Use your mouse to weld the cracks in the mine cart. After you have welded it enough, put the final transmitter into the mine cart and send it out into the Mine.

G will call you on your Spy Phone. Go to HQ and talk to him. Take the binoculars with you.

Go to the Ski Lodge and out the Gone Fishing door and use your binoculars to spy on Herbert from across the frozen lake.

After you see Herbert’s lame attempt at a fire, talk to G on your Spy Phone. Now sneak into Herbert’s camp and attach his Spy Phone to your binoculars, and put it in the third tree on your left.

Go to HQ and watch Herbert. Talk to G.

Receive your medal and gift!

Mission 10-Waddle Squad:

Talk to Gary. Then pick up the solar panel from the nearby box of gadgets.

Go to the Beach and talk to Jet Pack Guy. He ran out of jet-pack fuel and needs you to get some cream soda and mix it with Hot Sauce.

Go into the Lighthouse and pick up the cream soda barrel in the back of the room.

Go back to the Beach and talk to the jetpack penguin. Say yes and give Jet Pack Guy the barrel of cream soda.

Click the bottle with ‘Help’ on the inside and follow the instructions. The Numbers represent how many cups of cream soda should be in each container. After you finish, Jet Pack Guy will fly away.

Go to the Dock and talk to the penguin next to the Hydro Hopper boat. Say that you need rope and he will give some to you.

Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie. Give him the solar panel you got from G’s gadget box at the beginning of the mission.

Talk to the Manager and take the box of clothes from him. Also take the box of balls and table in the corner, and go outside. Then put the balls on the ground in front of the Gift Shop, as well as the table with the box of clothes on it.

Go to the Nightclub. Put the rope that you got earlier onto the pulley. Try pulling the lever. The contraption will break.

Use your Spy Phone’s wrench to open the panel on the side. Click on the hole, and put the wheels with spokes on the place where they fit.

The cage will lift up. Then go to HQ. You Spy Phone will ring. Answer it, talk to Jet Pack Guy, and go to the Dock.

You will see Klutzy holding a face cut-out of Herbert. He will notice you and run away.

Your Spy Phone will ring again. It will be Rookie, telling you to go to the Nightclub.

At the Nightclub, Herbert will be stealing the fake Golden Puffle. Talk to him, and either pull the lever on the machine or use your Spy Phone’s scissors to cut the thin piece of string. The cage will fall on Herbert.

Herbert will pick the cage up and escape. G will call you on your Spy Phone, telling you to ‘Move In’. Jet Pack Guy and Rookie will appear.

Shine the three lights on Rookie’s solar panel. Herbert will become trapped again. G will appear. Talk to him. Then Herbert will demand a phone call.

Rookie gives Herbert his Spy Phone and he teleports away. Talk to G, and the mission will end.

Receive your Medal and Gift!

Mission 11- The Veggie Villain:

Talk to G and ask, “Are those corn seeds?” when he asks you about the seeds.

Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie.

Pick up the kernels of corn and put them in your inventory.

Go upstairs and talk to the Agent. Then pick up the corn kernels under the desk.

The teleporter is broken. Go on your Map, go to the Ski Village, enter the Sports Shop, Enter the Dressing Room Curtains, talk to G. Watch scene.

Go to the Ski Village and watch the scene. Then go to the Lighthouse.

(Optional) To Get the Gift: Pick up the can that should have a worm in it on the other side of the lighthouse. Go to the Dock and fill it with water. Go to the HQ and use Gary’s test machine to freeze the water. Pick up the ice and go back to the Beacon and talk to the Worker. Give him the can. Go to the Ski Village and use the lens to fix the little penguin’s glasses.

Pick up the disc under the piano. Then go left and pick up the sprayer and cloth wipe. Clean the disc by spraying it with cleaning fluid and wiping it with the wipe.

Go back to the Ski Village and click on the projector. Open the player and put in the Disc. Close the player.

Talk to Rookie, then go back to the projector. Open your Spy Phone, and use the wrench tool to unscrew the box left of the projector.

Click the colors and use the instructions to manipulate it until the colors match. Basically, if its the wrong color, then it will be red. If its the right color in the wrong space, it’ll be yellow. Green means right color in the right spot. If you get stuck, use the Help section. (This puzzle is different every time.)

Go to the Mine Shack on your Map and enter the Corn Field.

Follow the popcorn trail until you get to a large pile of popcorn. Then pick up the piece of paper and put in your inventory.

Follow Herbert’s footsteps on the right path to find the rest of the paper. The paper tells how to raise Super Corn.

When you reach the final location, (after picking all 4 pieces of paper up) pick up the piece of wood.

Go left until you see a trail with your footprints. Click on it three times.

Take the left path. Then go through the path with corn kernels in front of it.

Follow the remaining paths in this order: Right, Left, Left.

You will reach a river. Put the wood you picked up earlier over the river to get across.

There will be a ladder and a crank and lever system. Throw the Corn at the crank and lever to lower the stairs.

You will see Herbert at his command center. Unplug the computer’s power cord, and Herbert will teleport you back to the HQ.

Herbert sent you back with a bomb. Go right and click on the orange book on the green counter below the flashing island map. Then click the ‘dartboard’ that appears.

Solve the puzzle by matching all the colors from inside to outside. If you get stuck, use the Help section. (This puzzle is different every time.)

You will see Dot after you complete the puzzle. You will be teleported to safety. Watch the scene.

Receive your medal and gift!

EXTRA: To get the Spy Goggles, go to the Awards section of your player card. Click on the snow globe you received from Dot. Press the red button on the side, then click the goggles.


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