PH’s Player Card:

PH (also known as Puffle Handler) is one of the most unique mascots in Club Penguin! PH loves spending her time at the Pet Shop and out in the wilderness training puffles, and caring for them. All puffles are her favorite, but there is one puffle that changed her… the brown puffle! The brown puffle had influenced PH to change her penguin’s color from pink to brown after discovering the brown puffles in the wilderness. When waddling around the island, she hands out her background, stamp and buddy adds for penguins who meet her.
Clothing Items:
PH wears a tan and brown hat with an attached golden puffle amulet on her hat, brown hair (usually tied to one side,) a tan adventure vest with a Puffle-O inside of one of the pockets, a pink shirt underneath her vest, a whistle and brown shorts.
PH was first seen in Club Penguin’s very first DS game, Elite Penguin Force. Is she an Elite Penguin Force agent? The answer to that question would be yes. PH trained all of the Elite Puffles including the black puffle you can spot running around Club Penguin with EPF agents, Flare! PH’s next few appearances began when she helped redesign the Pet Shop in 2011. Afterwards, she has made her very first appearance waddling around the island during the Puffle Party of 2012.

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