Gary’s Player Card:

Gary has three common names used for him! One of them is “Gary”, another is “Gary the Gadget Guy” and the third is “G.”  Gary is known as the island’s inventor. He makes many inventions (some have failed,) and some haven’t failed! Gary is also an agent that works with
the PSA and the EPF.
When visiting the island of Club Penguin, he gives out a background to all the lucky penguins who meet him! He also gives everyone their “Gary” stamp! And, you can also add him to your buddy list once you meet him. He visits mostly during the Halloween Party and at the Medieval Party!
Clothing Items:
Gary is a dark blue penguin with a white lab coat with a brown tie, green dress shirt and a pair of tech glasses. Depending on the party, Gary tends to carry hand items relevant.
Gary usually attracts large sized crowds, depending on the party and time. It’s usually quite difficult to find Gary, although, if you keep looking, your most likely to find him waddling around in his white lab coat and glasses.

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