Rockhopper Player Card:

Rockhopper is the famous pirate of Club Penguin. He built his own ship named “The Migrator” and sails the seas in search of gold and other treasures! Every two months, Rockhopper docks at Club Penguin to allow penguins to roam his ship and meet him! When docking at Club Penguin, he gives away his background, stamp and enables penguins to buy some of the rare items he brings!
Clothing Items:
Rockhopper is a red penguin with a black beard, black eyebrows and a black/white/yellow pirate hat with a puffle logo printed onto it. Occasionally he has his puffle, Yarr, as a hand item.
Rockhopper was the founder of the red puffles. He adopted one and named him Yarr. Now, you can meet Yarr along-side Rockhopper when he comes to visit Club Penguin. You can see Yarr in the second background, third background and even the fourth background!

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