Penguin Band

Penguin Band’s Player Cards:

The Penguin Band is made up of four different penguins. The blue penguin’s name is G Billy. The red penguin’s name is Stompin’ Bob. The green penguin’s name is Petey K, and the yellow penguin’s name is Franky. When visiting Club Penguin, they give out a background for you to collect, along with their stamps and you can also add them!
Instruments of Choice:
Franky: Franky’s choice of instrument is the keyboard.
Stompin’ Bob: Stompin’ Bob’s choice of instrument is the electric bass.
Petey K: Petey K’s choice of instrument is the accordion.
G Billy: G Billy’s choice of instrument is the drums.
Clothing Items:
Franky: Yellow penguin with Music Jam jacket (green, hot pink, lime & white), blue jeans & purple high tops.
Stompin’ Bob: Red penguin with brown wavy hair,dark blue shirt, silver and black beaded bracelet, silver and black spike belt, blue pants and a red bass guitar.
Petey K: Green penguin with a red hat with blonde hair, silver glasses, black and silver striped vest with white T-shirt underneath, brown leather shoes & a brown accordion.
G Billy: Blue penguin with brown hair, red bandanna, gray/white/black collard long sleeve shirt, black pants, brown cowboy shoes & drumsticks.
A way to recognize this famous band is by searching for their key items they wear. G Billy’s key item is his lucky bandanna. Stompin’ Bob’s key item is his red electric bass guitar. Petey K’s key item is his red hat. Franky’s key item is his jacket. Another way to look for them is by checking where the crowds are! The Penguin Band most usually are in four different areas of the room, so if you see four different crowds in four different areas, you know they’re there!

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