CP Parties

This is the page that’s dedicated to info on the upcoming parties on CP. The next party on CP is The Great Snow Race. Here’s some info on the great snow race:

First Time Celebrated:

August 25, 2011

Next Time to Celebrate:

August 25,2011 (Yep, this is the first Great Snow Race EVER)

Reason For Party:

Many believe that this is just a little party that Gary decided to have, but EPF agents know it as an opportunity to find Herbert and stop him once and for all by putting Operation Blackout into effect atop the mountain.

Next Party/Special Event:

Well, the next celebration that will happen many believe will happen during the Great Snow Race. It is the blackout, where all of CP’s power will go out, bringing shadow ninjas to CP. This probably means that there will be some sort of scavenger hunt later this month.


2 comments on “CP Parties

  1. I GET IT NOW!!!
    on a field ops a while ago it said prepear to atack the light house.
    gary did this party to find herbert and stop the plan befor it happens
    on the cp calender it said blackout 2 weeks. the great snow race gos for 2 weeks and the name of the operation is call blackout
    this doesnt have anything to do with shadow ninjas but there are swfs of them so it means they are coming after snow dojo
    everything joins together. this has to be what cp is thinking of!

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