Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic’s Player Card:

Aunt Arctic is the weekly advice columnist author and chief editor for the Club Penguin Times! She visits the snow-filled island we call Club Penguin for special occasions. When visiting, she hands out her own special backgrounds and stamp, you can even add her as a buddy! However, she’s a very tough penguin to meet when online.
There are very slim chances that Aunt Arctic would visit Club Penguin due to her very busy schedule with the Club Penguin Times. However, she does make visits each year so that she can meet and greet with penguins all over the world!
Clothing Items:
Aunt Arctic is a green penguin with a pink toque, black glasses and has a pencil in-between her glasses and toque. When clicking on her player card, you will also notice that Aunt Arctic has freckles, and is one of the very few penguins that has them.
Aunt Arctic will usually have a large crowd surrounding her, so be sure to scan the crowd carefully when looking for her. You can most easily find her by the chat bubbles. She will most likely be the only penguin using keys you can not type as a normal penguin.The special keys will be numbers, periods, commas, etc.

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