Herbert’s Revenge

Just a note: There are only four new Missions; Mission 1 and Missions 8-10. However, they’re pretty long. The rest of the missions are the same as online.

Elite Puffles:

EPF Elite Puffles look like any ordinary puffles, except Elite Puffles have been trained to develop special abilities so that they can help you. There are eight different Spy Puffles, each with a different color and a different special ability. Use the Puffle Whistle to call one to your side during a mission.

Elite Puffle Guide:

Yellow Puffle, Name: Chirp, Skills: Breaks ice, disables jetpacks

Purple Puffle, Name: Pop, Skills: Blows strong bubbles

White Puffle, Name: Chill, Skills: Turns water into ice

Green Puffle, Name: Flit, Skills: Flies to Retrieve objects

Black Puffle, Name: Flare, Skills: Welds items

Pink Puffle, Name: Loop, Skills: Lasso objects

Red Puffle, Name: Blast, Skills: Breaks crates

Blue Puffle, Name: Bouncer, Skills: Throw snowballs

Unlock Items Online:

With the Game you will get a code card. You will unlock the EPF Spy Phone, EPF Suit, and 1500 coins. Members only: The ability to use the call the black Elite Puffle, Flare, using the Puffle Whistle in your EPF Spy Phone.

Upload Coins and Items to Your Online CP Account:

First you need a Wi-Fi Connection on your DS. To upload coins tap Account, then tap Connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi  Connection, then tap on Upload Coins. Maximum coin upload is 2000 coins once a day. Items are given out at the end of Herbert’s Revenge missions as a reward and they will be synced to the online account with the next coin upload.

Talking to Other Penguins:

You never know what a penguin knows, so talk to every penguin you meet and have a chat! During a conversation, you can choose what to say by selecting from several possible comments. Once you have chosen, tap the speech bubble.


After you create a Herbert’s Revenge profile, the game saves automatically after each mission.

Snake Tokens:

Keep an eye for special “Snake Tokens” in the recaps of former missions. Check the white board in Gary’s office at The HQ for a clue to where they might be. When you have found them all, you will find the Mini-Game “Spy Snake“ in your Spy Gadget that you can play anytime during the missions.

Mission Walkthroughs:

Mission 1: The Elite Penguin Force

The mission starts at the Command Room with Dot, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, and the Director. Tap any character to start the conversation. Keep talking until you finish the conversation and are teleported to the testing facility.

Then talk with the Puffle Handler to receive the Puffle Whistle. Go into the first door on the right. Scroll over to the crates and the target. Summon the red puffle and make him crash into both of the crates, each crate revealing a target. Summon the blue puffle and throw snowballs at all three targets. Exit through the door on the left side of the screen. Talk to the other players. Tap the cave pathway in the center of the screen.

Talk with Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and Dot. Pick up all the items in the box. Pull out the dirty jackhammer and tap the river to clean and assemble it. Once it’s all cleaned and ready to go, pull out the jackhammer from the inventory menu. Tap the pile of thin dirt next to the sign below the river to play the Jackhammer mini-game. Talk with Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and Dot and exit through the cave pathway.

Talk with Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and Dot. Combine the rope and hook in your inventory. Drag the new item (Grappling Hook) in your inventory onto the lowest protruding rock of the cliff. Play the Grapple Gadget mini game.

After initially talking with Rookie, Dot and Jet Pack Guy, talk with each of them again. Select the bottom option for each of them (they will each hand you one item). Put the belt on the barred door. Combine the stick and the Jet Pack. Drag the new combined item onto the barred door. Spin the combined item around using the stylus to bend the bars of the door. Tap the barred door to enter.

Talk to Dot first, then tap on the door. Continue the conversation to start the Penguin Stack mini game.


Rookie on top of Player.

Rookie on top of Dot.

Rookie and Dot on top of Player.

Rookie and Dot on top of Jet Pack Guy.

All three on top of Player.

The door will open. Listen and Talk to the Director. You are now Team Leader of the Elite Penguin Force!

Mission Complete

Rewards: Miner’s Hat and Spider Costume

Mission 2: Secret of the Fur

The mission starts in the Command Room. Gary will talk to you. Use the wrench when directed on the Virtual Reality Machine, and then tap it again to start the mission.

(Follow the rest of the mission as you would the online mission Secret of the Fur)

Rewards: Snake Token Picture and Orange Spy Goggles

Mission 3: Questions for a Crab

(Follow the rest of the mission as you would the online mission Questions for a Crab)

Reward: Snake Token Picture

Mission 4: Mysterious Tremors

(Follow the rest of the mission as you would the online mission Mysterious Tremors)

Rewards: Snake Token Picture, Flashlight

Mission 5: Spy and Seek

(Follow the rest of the mission as you would the online mission Spy and Seek)

Rewards: Snake Token Picture, Binoculars

Mission 6: Waddle Squad

(Follow the rest of the mission as you would the online mission Waddle Squad)

Rewards: Snake Token Picture

Mission 7: The Veggie Villain

(Follow the rest of the mission as you would the online mission The Veggie Villain)

Rewards: Snake Token Picture, Laptop Computer

Mission 8: Suspect at Large

The mission starts in the Command Room with Dot, Rookie, Gary and the Director. Tap the Director to start the conversation. Grab the crab costume on the table in the Command Room. Tap the suitcase in the inventory panel to open the clothing selection. Equip the crab costume by tapping it. Talk to Dot after equipping the crab costume.

Klutzy Mirror Mini Game:

Tap on the correct image that matches Klutzy’s movement.

Follow the dialog and take the camera from G. Drag camera onto G to take his picture.

Enter the Ski Lodge and head out the back door. Click across the lake to get to Herbert’s secret hideout.

Find the four torn pieces of the blueprint:

One is on the table under the log.

One is in a tree (use the green puffle).

One is under a rock (use the purple puffle).

One is in a bucket of ice; tip the bucket over (use the yellow puffle).

Assemble the four pieces to get the finished blueprints. G will call asking you to expand the search to the Wilderness. Jet Pack Guy will call in. Go to the Ski Hill. Click just to the right of the signs on Ski Hill. Once in the Wilderness,  keep taking the path to the right to arrive at Herbert’s Cave.

Talk to Jet Pack Guy over your communicator. Head into the cave, Herbert’s old hideout. Use the Mechano-Duster on the ash on the ground in front of the table. Tap the pieces of paper on the ground. Arrange the pieces to reveal a secret code. Tap the fake, purple rock in the hideout. Dot calls in andadvises to look for disguised clues in the wilderness. Head out of the cave and look for fake rocks. When you see a fake rock near a stump, tap the rock twice. Tap the buttons on the grid quickly to form an “H” pattern. Jet Pack Guy will call in, the entrance to Herbert’s Base will be revealed. Use the Mechano-Duster on the snow in front of the hatch. A door mat appears under the snow. Tap on the mat to collect the key to Herbert’s Base. Take the key from inventory and tap on the hatch to open. Make sure crab disguise is on and head into Herbert’s Base.

Rookie calls in – he’s found Herbert at the Ice Rink.

Tap on the key near the barrel contraption to collect it. Take a picture of the cardboard Palm Tree in this room. Use the wrench on the switch panel next to the door. Use the scissors to cut the wires in the panel. Enter through the door. Tap on the key on the mantel above the fireplace. Take a picture of the table with potted plants. Tap the pull switch by the door and walk through. The door with security cameras outside should now be open. Continue over and walk through that door.

Play the Klutzy Mirror Mini Game.

Tap the key on the shelf next to the gear to collect it. Take a picture of umbrella and folding chair. Use all three keys on the locked door under the red lights.

Enter through the open door to the workshop. Rookie calls in – Herbert’s on his way back to the base. Tap on the blueprints on the wall. Exit the workshop. Herbert appears mistaking you for Klutzy, select the appropriate dialogue:

1st: Click Click Click.

2nd: Ka-Click! Ka-Click Click Click.

3rd: Click Ka-Click Click Click Click!

Exit through the door. Herbert will discover his plans have been stolen. Jet Pack Guy will call in – look for an opening in the roof. Tap on the beams coming through the skylight. Use the wrench on the panel to open it. Start the Grapple Gadget mini-game. After finishing the mini-game, Jet Pack Guy will teleport you back to the Command Room and complete the mission.

Rewards: Klutzy Crab Costume

Mission 9: Herbert’s Plan

Talk to G and the Director to receive the Heads-Up 3000. Use the Heads-Up 3000 to have the other agents track down Herbert. Use the map to view the agents and tell them where to search next. (Listen to the agents during this Mini Game.)

Move an agent to a spot on the map to inspect that location. When the agent lands on a spot, a Mini-Game will begin.

Disguise Dot:

Read the top screen to find out which costume to use.

Tap and drag to slide the top, middle, and bottom sections of her costume.

Complete the described costume in 10 seconds.

Rookie’s Wheel of Focus:

Tap the arrow and quickly spin the wheel clockwise.

Game is won when the wheel stops on the spyglass.

Jet Pack Guy’s Perfect Landing:

Tap the screen when the red target is in the center to win.

After five clues are uncovered on the map, the agents will be kidnapped. Talk to G to receive the tracking device. Ask for other gadgets and G will give you a Grappling Hook and a Jackhammer.

Follow the tracking arrow to the Forest, then to Ski Hill, and continue into the Wilderness. Follow the tracking arrow through the path on left side. Follow the arrow to the river and the White Puffle. Walk as close to the River as Possible, then tap the White Puffle and then at the river to create a bridge. Waddle over it.

Tap on the Yellow Puffle before continuing. You are now at the bottom of the Tallest Mountain. Get your Grappling Hook and tap it on the middle of the Mountain. Play the Grapple Gadget Mini Game.

Talk with Rookie. Use the Green Puffle to grab Rookie’s hat. Pull the hat from inventory and return it to Rookie.

He will give you a fishing rod. Use the yellow Puffle to crack open the block of ice where the Blue and Black Puffles are trapped. Use the wrench to open the cage and release the Puffles. Take the path to the left of the Mountain. Complete the Amazing Maze Mini-Game.

Use the Red Puffle to knock down the cardboard tree cutout. Talk to Dot. Pick up the broken propeller the center piece of the windmill gadget and collect the four broken propellor blades in the area. Combine the broken propellor blades in inventory and you will open a Mini Game. Rotate and drag the propellor pieces into place. Place the finished propeller on the windmill gadget. Use the Black Puffle to weld propellor onto the windmill gadget. Once the windmill gadget is fixed, Dot and the Pink Puffle will escape.

Return back to Rookie’s ledge and use the Jackhammer on the snow blocking the entrance. Tap the Jackhammer on the Big pile of snow, Complete the Jackhammer Mini-Game and continue to Jet Pack Guy’s ledge.

Talk to Jet Pack Guy. Use the Fishing Rod on Jet Pack Guy (tap it on him) to reel him in. Use the Yellow Puffle to disable the rocket. Use the scissors to free Jet Pack Guy. Use the Blue Puffle to pop the bubble around the Purple Puffle. Use the Purple Puffle to move the boulder blocking the entrance. Walk through the entrance, then take the path to the left back to Dot’s ledge. Use the Grappling Hook on the mountain section in the top middle of the touch screen. Complete the Grapple Gadget Mini-Game.

When the agents reach the top of the mountain, talk to all the agents and Herbert. Herbert activates his Mega-Magnifying Glass.

Complete the conversation. G calls in. Pick up all the ice blocks on the ground. When you have them all a Mini Game automatically starts.

Tap to move the reflectors until all the reflectors are used to destroy the Mega-Magnifying Glass:

Dot: Move bottom right reflector beam to top left to connect with Rookie.

Rookie: Move top left reflector beam to connect with Jet Pack Guy.

Jet Pack Guy: Move top right reflector beam to bottom left to connect with Player.

Player: Move bottom left reflector until beam is pointing up and reach the Magnify Glass.

Once the Mega-Magnifying Glass is destroyed, the Mission is complete.

Mission complete

Reward: Hiking Backpack

Mission 10: The Ultimate Mission

A giant geyser has erupted, the island must be saved! The Director calls in – listen and talk to him. Send away Jet Pack Guy. G calls in – Stop the island from tipping and plug the geyser. G teleports the agents to the geyser. After arriving at the geyser by the Mine Shack, listen to Rookie and Dot and then call in to G. G will explain how to rebalance the island. Give Dot her orders and send her away on her Mission, Jet Pack Guy will then call in with news that he’s found Herbert at the Ski Village. Talk to Jet Pack Guy and Herbert until he agrees to help save the island if you get him down from the Ski Lift. Use the scissors on the Ski Lift belt to help Herbert.

Use the Purple Puffle on Klutzy to enclose him in a bubble. Use the red Puffle on Klutzy to break his bubble. Now Klutzy can be summoned from the Puffle menu. Herbert will be freed. Talk to Jet Pack Guy, now you need to convince Herbert to work WITH YOU. Jet Pack Guy that is what we will have to do to save Club Penguin! Herbert will insist that he won’t leave until he has safety water-survival gear. Find 3 floatable items for Herbert. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to the Shopkeeper. Grab the blue floaties and life jacket. Go back to the Ski Village and grab the rubber duck inner-tube outside the Everyday Phoning Facility. Give them all to Herbert.

Rookie will arrive. G will call in – he’s at the iceberg. Dot will call in – she’s at the Plaza.Go up into the attic of the Ski Lodge. Cut the strings off the box using Klutzy and collect the Inflatable Octopus. Go into the Night Club. Enter through the speaker to the right of the DJ Table and you will come to the Boiler room. Get the inflatable whale in the box there. After collecting the whale, enter through the green door to the underground pool. Collect the life preserver.

Once you have all three inflatable objects, go to the iceberg and talk to G. Receive the super helium and then play the Aqua Rescue Mini-Game. Win the game to complete this part of the mission. Talk to Gary for new orders.

Go to the Plaza and talk to Dot – she needs help finishing up some disguises (Rockhopper’s Beard, Sensei’s Hat, and Cadence’s Wig). Talk to the green penguin at the Stage. Grab the fake beard and place it on the bucket of black paint. Use the brush to paint the beard black.

Go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the Pizza Chef. He will let you take the pan and the mop. Use Klutzy to cut the head off the mop. Take the pizza pan and leave the Pizza Parlor. Tap on Dot to give the collected items to her. Tap on Dot again and a Mini-Game will start.

Famous Penguins Mini Game:

Tap on Snow Forts to make All penguins start in the Snow Forts. Take the following steps in order to balance the island:

Wearing the Rockhopper costume, move from the Snow Forts to the Forest

Remove the costume and return to the Snow Forts

Wearing the Cadence costume, move from the Snow Forts to the Forest

Remove the costume and return to the Snow Forts

Wearing the Sensei costume, move from the Snow Forts to the Forest

Switch to the Cadence costume, move from the Forest to the Plaza

Remove the costume and return to the Forest

Wearing the Sensei costume, move from the Forest to the Snow Forts

Remove the costume and go to the Plaza

Wearing the Rockhopper costume, move from the Plaza to the Forest

Once the island has been balanced, G will call – go to the Mine Shack to plug the geyser. The whole team (including Herbert) is there! Talk to G and the other agents. Herbert will agree to let you use his statue to plug the geyser, IF you repair his balloon back at the Ski Village.

Go to the Gift Shop and then take the door “Staff Only” to collect the tape from the desk. Go to the Ski Village and tap the tape on the balloon. Use the super helium to inflate the balloon. Give the balloon to Herbert; he will take it and leave.

Return to the Mine Shack and geyser. G says the geyser can be diverted by digging a hole to release some pressure. Play the Jackhammer Mini-Game. If you don’t succeed the first time, you can restart the Jackhammer mini-game by placing it over the geyser.

After completing the Jackhammer Mini-Game, use the White Puffle to freeze the geyser. Talk to your fellow agents. Once the geyser is plugged, Herbert will call. Use Klutzy on the statue now hanging above the plugged-up geyser to drop it down. Herbert will call in again, and Herbert and Klutzy will fly away.

Use thePurple Puffle on the nearby anvil to knock the statue down into the geyser. Use the White Puffle on the statue to weld it to the ice. Talk to the Team, and the Director will call in to congratulate the agents.


Mission complete

Reward: Life Ring

Mini Game Guides:


Use your jackhammer to dig your way through the cavern and find the exit before you run out of fuel. Plan your path to collect all the coins. Hot sauce power ups give you extra digging speed! Find special drill bits to cut through diamond blocks. Ice is too hard to drill! Dig under black rocks to send them crashing down on ice to make a new path!

Amazing Maze:

Explore the Maze to find the way out and collect all the coins. Hurry up, you have a time limit. Press the A Button to activate a door switch. Watch the top screen for a signal when the door moves. Press the A Button to pick up a Puffle. Press the B Button to use the Puffle’s power. Chirp can shatter ice, Blast can break crates, and Chill can turn water into an ice bridge.

Tip: Collect the clocks along the way to get more time.

Aqua Rescue:

Fling the rings at the ice spikes to float the island before it sinks! Collect coins and bonus rings to refill your meter. Pull the ring back to increase power and aim your ring like a slingshot! But watch out – the pufferfish and electric eel will pop them! Use the octopus to grab all items. Launch the wave to scare the fish! Shoot rings onto the ice spikes to keep the island afloat, if not the island will sink.

Tip: Get two life preservers at the same ice spike and you will earn 10 extra coins.

Grapple Gadget:

Use the Grapple Gadget to climb and swing. Don’t forget to grab the coins. Press the B Button to jump. Press the B Button twice to use the Grapple Gadget and start swinging. While swinging, use up and down on the + Control Pad to lengthen or shorten your line. Press up on the + Control Pad to pull up onto the ledge. Falling great heights will break your Grappling Hook. Try not to run out of hooks, or you’ll have to start over. Try to find red flags, they are checkpoints!

Tip: Look for more Grappling Hooks along the way for extra lives.

That’s it! Have fun playing Herbert’s Revenge!


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