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Funny Pics:

I crashed after about ten seconds.

I really couldn’t help myself. Coconut milk just tastes so good!

Did you know black puffles don’t like flaring up?

Honey straight from the hive is delicious! Well, not when the bees sting your tongue…

Shark whale fish things are terrifying!

That dragon was scary!

Wow, Rockhopper does look pretty fancy! (By fancy, I mean weird.)

That tube was deep! I fell onto the Hydro Hopper boat, though. I didn’t see Club Penguin again for two weeks!

All hail the great orange? (Fun fact: This pic was edited twice!)

Gary loves princess tiaras? Random!

Hey, pool gear is very stylish!

Yep, I’m living the DREAM!

This one’s just crazy!

Why does Club Penguin expect us to buy rotten wake boards?

It’s a scientific breakthrough! Snowballs give plants gas!

I never found out who that magical person was…

Hellowjess was famous! Well, only for a few seconds, until the owner chased him out!

Whenever Hellowjess tries to have a little fun, this stupid membership pop up appears!

I just wanted to help, and I was dangled over a cave by a bat!

I’d feel strange too, If I turned into a puffle!

That coin never came out of the door! I wonder why…

The Elite Santa Force is very professional. Once they almost fired me when I forgot to clean the sleigh!

Now that’s just  mean.

V1.0 is nowhere near as good as the normal one.

Awww… I Forgot to ask Yasker how he did that. I’ll be stuck there forever!

As it turns out, the skiers wanted to sponsor the Ice Rink. I just wish they told the tour guides!

That bell was just so convincing! I had to bow down to him!

Look at his eyes… he thinks he’s cool, an old man wearing an umbrella hat… so strange…

I’ve been thinking the same thing. Someone should make a WATER dojo. Much safer.

That can’t be good.

I can only imagine how embarrassing that was for him.

Wait… Which way was I supposed to go… Oh! Right! I was going that way! I think…

 Club Penguin Funny Pictures

that penguin didn’t know what hit him! XD

Funny Comics:

Dance, Dance Club Confusion!

The Teleportation Potion Accident

The Big Green Monster With Flippers

It never went out… I was fired the next day. From my job, Not actually fired, if you know what I mean.

CP Videos: This section has some funny videos. Occasionally we will add new videos to the page, so check back often. Key: ~ = The video has sound.

CP Robbery:

Famous Penguins- Embarrassing Moments!:

Famous Penguins- Embarrassing Moments! 2:

Famous Penguins- Embarrassing Moments! Penguin Band Edition:

CPTV Game Show Episode 1:

CPTV Game Show Episode 2 (Extended Edition):

CPTV News Report- Puffle Montage:

~Giant Puffle News Update:

I Don’t Get Paid Enough to Do This!:

Jeff Pengy Loses at Astro Barrier:

The Hunt For Herbert:

Series Pics: These are series pics, pictures that tell a story. Don’t skip to the end!

Yakser’s Candy Cane Craze Series:

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