8 comments on “Secret Mountain Room Theory

  1. Yeah It’s quite strange that there is another passage but you can’t enter! Maybe it’s Herbert Cave! Hmmm…

    By the way Thank you for adding my site to blogroll and I added alec122 to BlogStuff!

  2. When the Dojo was being dug from the snow, a shadow of a yeti was seen far away in the distance. Also, put on your Tour Guide hat in the cave. You’ll see the words your penguin says.

  3. The reason you cant get through is because its blocked by ice. Maybe cp will keep the moutain going longer so they can remove the ice. I agree that the tallest moutain might become the new ice dojo,but what if the ice dojo comes out first? We dont have any proof that water is coming first now do we. Even though in the ninja room it shows this in order( Fire,Water,Ice) doesnt meen that water is coming before ice. If you dont believe me well did you ask the makers of clubpenguin that water is coming before ice.
    See you dont have any proof!
    Chill is out! Peace!

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